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Term insulating for tubes

GIF Thermo-insulation K-Flex and accessories

Term insulation for tubes


Term insulating for tubes. Synthetic rubber.

Peculiarity of synthetic rubber term-insulating

General Information

Term insulating materials ’K-Flex’ are flexible, elastic materials of foamed synthetic rubber with closed pores, produced as tubes of different diameter and sheets. On the basis is the synthetic rubber that imparts high elastic and makes their application possible in different spheres. Primary put properties guaranteed the ’K-Flex’ materials the long-term service and unchanging of the technical characteristics for a long time.

Excellent vapour and waterproof ability. Low thermal conductivity. Self-extinguishing ability when it’s fire. High stability to microorganisms, mould, atmospheric influence.


K-FLEX ST FRIGO materials are intended for using in refrigerating plants and systems of air-condition. It has excellent technical characteristics, may contact with food products. Has very economical cover, which allows minimizing waste, transfer and keeping costs and also saves the insulation materials without damage in any conditions.

Practical decision.

The material is flexible, elastic and easy to install. Special opening in a lid of the box allows you to pull out the necessary quantity of insulation and to save the remains clear and untouched. The material is always in the pack that’s why the possibility of damage at the stock is much lower. The ruler on the box allows fitter to measure the necessary length of insulation. There is no waste any more; the glue and tape consumption is lower. Rather small boxes K-Flex Frigo 500x500x200 sizes allow the buyer to reject cargo transport and large space to keep the insulation.


МK-Flex EC material, high technical characteristics, is used for insulation of heating systems, hot and cold water - supply, sanitary and air - conditioning systems. High variety of type sizes and moderate prices of K-Flex EC insulation allows you to use it in various spheres.


K-Flex ST - is the high quality material with excellent technical characteristics, corresponded to all demands of refrigerating plants, cold conducts and container insulation, air - conditioning, ventilation and water - supply systems. This insulation mark can be used in all application spheres of term insulating materials and has the optimal correlation of price and quality.

Thickness, mm Diameter, mm
6 6-35
9 12-89
13 12-160
19 12-160
25 12-160
32 12-160
Thermal conductivity
DIN 52613
DIN 52612
λ -20’С ≤ 0,034 vt/(mk)

λ О’С ≤ 0,036 vt/(mk)

λ +20Х ≤ 0,037 vt/(mk)
λ -20-С ≤ 0,034 vt/(mk)

λ ,О’С ≤ 0,036 vt/(mk)

λ +20С ≤ 0,037 vt/(mk)
λ -20Х ≤ 0,034 vt/(mk)

λ О"С ≤ 0,036 vt/(mk)

λ +20*С ≤ 0,038 vt/(mk)
Working temperature
Cylindrical surfaces:from -40°C to +105°C Plain surfaces: from -45°C to +85°C From -70°C to +105°C Cylindrical surfaces:from -40°C to +105°C Plain surfaces: from -45°C to +85°C
Resistance of humidity

penetration, factor DIN 52516
≥ µ 7,000 ≥ µ 7,000 ≥ µ 3,000
Vapour permeability ≥ 0,09(mkg)/(H hour) ≥ 0,09(mkg)/(H hour) ≥ 0,21 (mkg)/(H hour)
Flexibility excellent
Ozone stability good
Smell absent
Stability to oils and fats good
Stability to atmospheric influence
and ultraviolet emanation
Toxicity and safety
for environment
Do not contain: CFC, HCFC, asbestos
Fiore characteristics Hard combustible, self dumped material,
do not melt, do not fire.
Class 1. Combustible group G1.
Corrosion influence Certificate DIN 1988/7
Sound insulation DIN 4109 To 32 dB (A)
Solidity From 65 to 80 kg/m3
Percent of closed cells >90
Color black

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