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General demands to insulation materials

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Term insulation for tubes


Term insulating for tubes. Synthetic rubber.

General demands to insulation materials

It is very important to know, what physical qualities the insulation material depend on.

Thermal conductivity (l)

Materials of various mixture and structure have different indicators of thermal conductivity. The less the £, the higher the resistance of heat transmission, consequently, better the term insulating characteristics.

The term insulating factor £ - is the main size of the calculation of necessary thickness of insulation. There are some characteristics, which have an influence on it:
- Solidity (kg/m3)
- Liquid absorbing (%)
- Material structure (cells, fibres and others)

Air quantity and their stability inside the metal define the term insulating properties. The ability of preventing the formation of condenser - is the main demand presenting to the cold surface insulation. It is important, that temperature on the surface of material always have to be not lower than temperature of dew point. The necessary thickness is defined with the help of calculation, appreciate thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of insulating material can grow during the time passing, if it absorbs the liquid from air. In this case the thickness of insulation will be insufficient for preventing the condenser formation. The term insulation, depending on the long-term service-life has to answer next requirements:

- The material corresponds to the applicated technical characteristics.
- The material does not change its technical characteristics during the time.

Superficial appreciation of the problem can make useless all efforts of the energy economy.

The resistance of dampness penetration (µ).

The main quality of term insulating material, used for cold surface insulation, is the resistance of dampness penetration. The water steam flood from surrounding air appears by the difference of pressure, rushes from external, warmer insulation surfaces to cold. The difference of pressure appears on account of difference of temperatures on the diverse surfaces. Water is good heat-conductor. The saturation of liquid leads to increase the thermal conductivity of material. The higher the indicators of the resistance of dampness penetration (µ), the longer the insulation life service term with saving the original technical characteristics.

The factor µ defines the stability of term insulating material to resistance of dampness.

The factor µ is ratio air steam permeability to material steam permeability under similar conditions.

Disability of term insulating material to be a barrier against resistance of dampness makes doubt of expediency of its application.

High sense of factor µ of foamed rubber insulation is defined by such characteristics:
- Internal structure of "closed type cell (pore)".
- "Cells" are small.
- High molecular connection in walls of "cells" and cogesion ability to coupling between them.
- Similarity of the resistance of dampness penetration quality over the all thickness of material.

The higher the µ, the bigger the resistance of dampness penetration of material.

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