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Since 2005 company Split-service" the wholesale distributor of the goods in the market of Ukraine.
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The pick-up

Grilles, diffuser and anemostats TWITOPLAST
Ventilation anemostat

Air-conditioning grilles produced by "TWITOPLAST" (Israel).

The pick-up

The pick-ups are used as connections between flexible ducts and diffusers. Flexible ducts are round; grilles and diffusers are square. The various combinations of tube and grille sizes are possible. For the determination of pick-up model the duct and grille sizes are necessary. The pick-ups for square grilles of high type factor do not allow the design of round connection with the air duct. Therefore connection is changed and has ablong form that allows connecting with flexible duct. The pick-up pin is made with the collar for connecting to flexible duct. The pick-up sizes at the grille side fit to the standart sizes of "Twitoplast" grilles. The pick-up opening is usually on 10mm (3/8") bigger than internal grille size. The grilles are supplied by insulated material to prevent the air loss.

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