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GIF Thermo-insulation K-Flex and accessories

Term insulation for tubes


Термоизоляция из каучука


The "K-Flex" materials are established standards in sphere of term insulating. The certificates and check tests guarantee their correspondence.

One of the main aims of any engineering project is elaborating the optimal system of energy economy. It is necessary to guarantee all technical characteristics of material used in calculating.

The "K-Flex" materials are certificated in Ukraine.

Fire safety

The "K-Flex" insulations have the highest class of fire safety for hard flammable materials in Germany, Italy, France, Russia, and Ukraine - G1.

The corrosion problems of cupric and steel tubes.

Liability to corrosion increases either with rising the PH indicators (heightened acidity), or with low indicator of the PH (heightened alkaline). The term insulating materials are necessary to be maximum neutral. The content of free ions of chlorine (Cl -), nitrite (NO2) and amiac (NH3) has to correspond to the established standards DIN 1988/7. The "K-Flex" materials correspond to these standards. For providing to consumers the additional guaranties of products quality the "LISOLANTE K-FLEX" got the certificates. They confirm the safety and reliability of materials to food products, steam, smoke formation, sizes stability, reaction on chemical matters, service wear, soundproof qualities.

Quality control

High technical characteristics of "K-Flex" materials, produced by "LISOLANTE K-FLEX", guarantee by inspection control of independent institutions that work in test sphere.

The company presents to clients the additional quality guaranties of its products. Voluntarily and always subject producing term insulated materials to control tests by general indicators of independent organizations. Despite the adding of investment, "LISOLANTE K-FLEX" does everything to increase confidence of its clients that producing term insulation "K-Flex" corresponds to the stated technical characteristics.

Certificate ISO 9001:2000

Heightened attention to the products and services quality characterizes the European way of life today. "LISOLANTE K-FLEX" realized the importance of raising the quality of its products and applied much effort to strive getting the certificate ISO 9001:2000. This certificate guarantees the consumers that producing processes and company products correspond to international standards.

Getting the certificate is great achievement, but "LISOLANTE K-FLEX" didn’t stop on this attaining. The company considers that the pledge of success is continuing the scientific research works. They direct on creating materials of high technical characteristics and environmental safety.

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