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Profile and accessories LEAD’AIR, WALRAVEN


Systems of installation "Walraven"

Pins and Z, L, U profiles

There is no difference between L and Z profile, but Z profile is used to fix more massive airducts. In this case the additional corner supports the airduct underneath, takes off a part of load from selfcutter and gets the additional hardness to the construction. At the places of fitting the profile to the pin must be rubber sealing that compensate light vibration of airduct and reduce the noise level.
In this way of installation the airduct stands on the profile, but pins limit side shifting. There is a rubber profile to have a solidity of adjoins and better sounds insulation. This way is better to use while installation term and sound insulated air canals. Length of profile, The profile selection chart.
Pin and collar are used to install the airducts of round and oval cross section. This way is easy, effective and allows installing ordinary or terminsulated airducts, d 80 - 250 mm.
Punched tape is a leading mean that allows you to accelerate the installation of airducts at uncomfortable places. Has the special opening for bolt and rivet.
It serves for holding round, square and rectangle airducts. Punched tape is supplied in rolls of 25m, and width - 20, 27mm, thickness of galvanized steel is 0,8mm.
The main element of fixing the ventilation systems of any hardness is cable lock (carbine) with rope (DYNA-TITE CL 23 CABLE LOCK).

This is new, fast and reliable way to fix and ensure the work of airduct and other equipment. The lock is used not only for limitation the rope, but also for regulating the height of object. It bears a weight of 300kg.
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Fixing clamp is intended for intallation the sprincler (fire-prevention), heating ventilation equipment, installation the conditioners, tubes, sanitary equipment and metal constructions.
Material: forged cast iron.
Surface: galvanic zinc.
Complectation: strubzine from forged cast iron, bolt with hexahedron head and check-nut.
All ventilation installs for heating, cooling and ventilating are connected with mechanical equipment containing the fan. Vibration, noise and thunder, which appears when fan is working, pass on the metall airducts and bring noises to all system. To isolate the vibration and noise origin you can use flexible connecting, containing the mounting that fixed to wide stripes.

Width of mounting - 60, 75 or 100 mm.

Width of metall stripes - 35, 45 or 75 mm.

Kinds: main is polyester layered by light-grey fireproof polyvinylochloride. It is allowed to use in temperatures to +80°C - intermittent period, to +70°C - continuance; - polyuritan mountain: main - glassfibre, coated by grey selfextinguished polyuritan. It suits for long-term using in +130°C and +400°C during two hours.

Selfadhessive nails are used to fix the terminsulation (e.x. mineral wadding) on airduct frame. Average consumption for one square meter of airducts is from 4 to 6 pieces. Nails of different length - from 44 to 114 mm are used depending on physical mass of warming and thickness of insulation.

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