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Since 2005 company Split-service" the wholesale distributor of the goods in the market of Ukraine.
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Cupper tube Mueller, Majdanpek, Halcor

Cupper tube for air conditioning and refrigeration engineering

Metal suspension bracket (clamp) with gum

Cupper pipes are supplied in coils (in annealed state) or in rods (weld less hire). The tubes’ ends are closed with chokes, which prevent a hitting inside of dust, dirt, insects and water. Every coil has hermetic polyethylene packing.

The degree of purification is 99,9%: Cu > 99,97%, P < 0,028%, that’s why cupper tube tube can bear the temperature overfalls in condition of working with different ice agents. The products are up to the standard of the refrigerator tube ASTM B-280 (the requirements of the standard are up to the ISO-9002, EN 12735).

The tube’s size is from 1/4" to 4.1/8".

The whole tube is soft, handy for work, easy for soldering and bending, it bears the multiple rolling.

The cupric-phosphorus solders, containing from 2 to 40% of silver, with a complete set of connecting muffs, elbows 45°, 90°, 180°, tees, passages, oil takeaway loops and chokes allows to provide reliability of soldered connections of cupper tube.

The whole tube is with the complete set of term insulator of synthetic rubber and foamed polyethylene. The metal suspension bracket with stud is used for quick and comfortable installing.
Диаметр подвесок от 12 до 250 мм.

Corner 90°
Oil takeaway loop
Corner 45°

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